what3stories is a collection of flash fiction inspired by geography and the way that what3words has mapped the world into trillions of three-word squares.

These are the 3 golden rules:

Pick a location to act as the inspiration for the story.

Stories may or may not take place at this specific location, but there must be a clear link between the chosen location and the story being written.

Find the what3words address for that location

what3words addresses only cover three square metres, so they will be a lot of different addresses for each place. That means there is a bit of licence here to pick an interesting three-word combination.

Make the words matter

Use the three words for the chosen what3words address in a meaningful way in the story. They should make a key contribution to the narrative, rather than just being shoehorned in. And aim for the total length of the story to be between 250 words and 350 words..

All stories are written by Hugh Westbrook unless otherwise stated.

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