A Taste Sensation

(///sushi.zest.crate – Gtech Community Stadium, Brentford, UK)

People told Sam he was mad to open a sushi stand at a football stadium. And they were probably right. He sold very few.

With money tight and panic setting in, Sam gambled on a new concept. The Sushi Pie. After all, football fans loved pies.

Initial sales were sluggish. But the early aficionados told others, and they spread the word and within a month there were long queues. Within three months, concessions of Sushi Pie vendors at other stadiums. Within a year, Sushi Pies in supermarkets.

Buoyed by success, Sam extended the range. But Sushi Sandwiches proved hit and miss, the Sushi Pizza was an acquired taste, the Sushi Smoothie flavoured with lime zest didn’t take off.

Undeterred, Sam ploughed his dwindling profits into Sushi Ice Cream. He was convinced that the salt of salmon and the bitterness of wasabi would complement the cream for a perfect balance.

He was wrong. Supermarkets tried it to no avail. Ice cream vans wouldn’t touch it. And football fans didn’t want ice cream with their pies.

Sam sat morosely on a crate of Sushi Profiteroles as supporters filed out. Sympathetic players smiled at him as they left. He gave them ice creams to say thank you.

As he finally dragged himself away, his phone pinged. The team’s star striker had posted a picture of himself with his ice cream, looking delighted with his treat. The image exploded. It swamped the internet. Online orders of Sushi Ice Cream rose from nothing to thousands within the hour.

Sam stared at his phone. It was incredible! They were selling like hot cakes.

Hot cakes!

Sam started formulating his next recipe.


Why this location?